Watch “Sujoy Ghosh’s Epic Thriller ‘Ahalya'” on YouTube

This short film by Sujoy Ghosh is a feminist take on the original story of Ahalya in Ramayana.According to the myth sage Gautam Maharishi’s pious wife Ahalya,  was seduced by Indra,the king of gods, after he appeared disguised to look like the Maharishi. The epic versions all maintain Ahalya was oblivious to Indra’s deception, though in a few of the retellings, there’s definitely doubt cast upon Ahalya’s innocence. The betrayed Maharishi catches Ahalya and Indra. He turns her into stone . Ahalya is released from the curse only when Ram’s toe touches the cursed stone that is post-curse Ahalya.
The director of this short film always felt that the Ramayana and subsequent texts were unfair to Ahalya so hence he made the modern day Ahalya’s story with a twist.
With English subtitles.

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9 thoughts on “Watch “Sujoy Ghosh’s Epic Thriller ‘Ahalya'” on YouTube

  1. Whoa! this was soooo good. It’s interesting that there’s also a number of stories in the Greek myths that also deal with gods who disguise themselves in order to ravish young maidens. Zeus being at the top of the list. The Patriarchal theme is universal.

    Thank you for posting!

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