Purity, in India,the stereotypical euphemism for virginity.
Virginity can be applied to both the sexes but now it’s an inexorable synonym for the ‘purity’ of a girl (female).Men are never judged.Their sexual experiences are never questioned. They are never subjected to criticisms.
India, our country, which is so rich in diversity but its filled with hipocrates and male chauvinist pigs .
A country where the virginity of a woman becomes her prized pocession .One of the reasons why most of the rape cases in India are shadowed/shunned and never reported.
A woman who has had a sexual history before marriage is analogous to a harlot.
But why aren’t men disparaged in same such way? Why is our Indian society, our culture so prejudiced?  Is it because women are considered to be innately inferior to men? Or ,because the sexual impulses of men are recalcitrant?

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  1. Well yes, men in most cultures are celebrated for their sexual vigor and even promiscuity, we are all, even here in the U.S. subject to an artificial, but historically entrenched, custom of purity. I feel your pain. In the states we’ve made some progress, but it’s rare that women feel comfortable in our own skin. Today we are hated if we write with confidence and strength. It’s the voice that men fear here. I have always wondered why men fear women so much. It is something I will never understand and something I have spent my life fleeing. I think you’re a good writer. You write honestly, without affection. You write in your own voice. That’s very hard for most.

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  2. I really like your writing, and your style. I have always been fascinated by Indian culture, customs and it
    s people.It is nice hearing someone with such a close prospective. I am glad you liked my stuff, that way I was introduced to you and your many faceted writing skills. You have given me a closer look into a place, I would not have otherwise been introduced to. Thank you.

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      1. You are too harsh and critical of your abilities. I feel the same way about my work. I think everyone tends to be overly critical of their own material, but I would disagree that it is, not so good.

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      2. Wow that made my day.😊😊
        Thank you.
        And I find my writing inadequate and lack of visionary when I compare it with the other bloggers.They are so creative and give a clear image of what they write.Anyway thnk you for the optimistic words.


  3. I hate the double standard too. In the U.S. we women decided to become promiscuous like the men. In my day, we called it “The Sexual Revolution” which was a high-sounding name for what amounted to a lot of boundariless experimentation that still favored men, no matter how we ladies told ourselves we were liberated. It would be better I think, if men had higher regard for themselves and valued their sexuality more highly. If that were to happen, I think sex would be experienced as divine, rather than common and degrading. Children would also, be able to enjoy two parents.

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  4. I hate that things are made to be this way in society and that it’s like this for women all around the world. Their isn’t really an answer to this, but we can only hope our future bloodlines learn to adjust the rulebook for equality somewhere down the line. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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  5. I liked the way you have penned it. Your frustration with the system is logical. At the same time, I don’t think generalization is a good way to conclude things. Hypocrisy exists, but it’s gradually getting nullified by the rise of the new generation. Such things are not gender specific, anyone with such mentality needs a complete overhaul. Personal experiences force us to generalize things, it’s natural. When we stop generalizing, that’s when we move on. Choose people wisely, listen to those that matter. Have a blessed time ahead. 🙂
    P.S: If a dog bites us, it’s not good to kick every dog I see.

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