Sikkim Government College,Tadong.


The best of my recollection and contemplation.
It was a wonderful experience being here(still is).I have spent 26 mnths(more or less) in this campus ,it seemed soporific and dull at first but then I got accustomed  to its monotony.There was a time when I was looking forward to escape the confinements of this college and now when its time to leave(6 mnths isn’t a very long time) ,I cannot help but think how much I’ll miss  those days; farewell, freshers and above all , field trips.The thought of leaving something behind makes me unhappy but all the same, the new opportunities, dissapointmnts awaiting for me (and the uncertainity) mkes me nervous and excited at the same time.I will always cherish those memories my Geos.😬

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7 thoughts on “Sikkim Government College,Tadong.

  1. The old saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” comes to mind. It’s a big world and you have a lot to see, life is all about change. Embrace it!

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