simple story

This is my first post so please do excuse my shallowness and my inadequacy ,in writing something new and different. Well ,what more can you expect of an amateur writer.
  1. This is a simple story ,well not that simple putting our Indian society in consideration for it depicts an illicit relationship. This is a fictional passage but inspired from true events (unfortunately! ).It’s fictional so therefore, following the dictates of fictions I’ve made few exaggerations and added unnecessary details as well.


Sonthia,was a village,not by the looks of it though,it had grown into a small town having all the basic facilities you would expect a respective small town to have which includes cafes,theatres,a mall and a small shopping complex.This town was located amidst the havelis and monuments that dated back to 12th century.In amongst one of these cafes sat a girl:beautiful with perfect features,someone you would want to look at twice.The anxious expression could easily give us an impression that she had been waiting for someone. 



15 thoughts on “simple story

  1. Sometimes, less is more and although this looks like the opening to a more lengthy story it leaves you paused in a lull wondering and dreaming. Subtle and sublime. Leaves you filling in the blanks to yourself about the picturesque mountainous regions of the south, or the arid deserts of the north. The lush colours of Karela or the sandy dunes of the Thar desert evoke images of India’s beauty.

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      1. Indian culture and food is brilliant as well as the regional music and its global impact that has given us so much in the ways diversity. There’s a grand Indian culture and presence in Toronto, Love it

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  2. Hey that’s a great start and the story certainly has potential. You gotta keep writing and developing and at some point it will be effortless, words will come by pretty easy. By the way you’re a good writer, don’t think any less of yourself!

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    1. Yes I’m really doubtful and Indefinite about my writing skills.Your encouraging words will surely help me lift my spirits and confidence. Thank you very much.But I’m not sure if my story really deserves such extravagant accolades.

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