“Coming Out”

Coming out of the closet, plainly ,what else do we think of it other than homosexuality? I recently watched an American movie named Love,Simon which made me ruminate, and it just occurred to me that why we make the “coming out” of the homos such a big deal? Aren’t we all living in a nasty,malodorous little closet? It wouldn’t be difficult for you to understand if u( like me )were brought up in a typical Indian society under the scrutiny of inquisitorial ,snoopy neighbors and loving but overbearing parents. Not to generalize, or stereotype for that matter but when ,speaking for myself I am indeed living in a closet. I was born and brought up in a small town of an Indian state.Currently I’m living in a closet contrived by my parents who in turn appropriated the dexterity from the society. In this closet im hiding my sexual orientation-heterosexuality, my susceptibility to be attracted to my opposite sex and also sequestered are my propensity to give in to the attraction and fall in love and I’m a 24 year old woman. My parents never dated and had an arranged marriage so customarily they don’t expect me to fall in love either. They have taken up on themselves to find the Mr.Right for me. While they do that I’m expected to make myself “worthy”( which comprises of staying a virgin, knowing the domestic chores or say be proficient at it ,good education and sometimes a qualified job, the last one isn’t necessary and may be nonobligatory)enough for that individual.

I on the other hand ,succumbing to the gravity, fell for someone, and have been dating him since the last four and half years and naturally want to tie knots with him but the thing is how do I come out to my parents about my being straight? So this is the closet I have been living in.

Like me, there are many women (or men for that matter)out there who have contradistinctive situations and live in confines of a closet, for fear and shame of society, their parents, friends etc they are skeptical to come out; come out n break free of the inhibitions that refrains them/ holds them back from reaching to something they suspire ; small or big. Some of them may not be a facile ‘calling’ but wouldn’t it be worth maneuvering for?

We are all indeed living in incongruously fashioned closets ..

P.S. Since English isn’t my mother tongue I may have missed out few things I wanted to convey.


Watch “Sujoy Ghosh’s Epic Thriller ‘Ahalya'” on YouTube

This short film by Sujoy Ghosh is a feminist take on the original story of Ahalya in Ramayana.According to the myth sage Gautam Maharishi’s pious wife Ahalya,  was seduced by Indra,the king of gods, after he appeared disguised to look like the Maharishi. The epic versions all maintain Ahalya was oblivious to Indra’s deception, though in a few of the retellings, there’s definitely doubt cast upon Ahalya’s innocence. The betrayed Maharishi catches Ahalya and Indra. He turns her into stone . Ahalya is released from the curse only when Ram’s toe touches the cursed stone that is post-curse Ahalya.
The director of this short film always felt that the Ramayana and subsequent texts were unfair to Ahalya so hence he made the modern day Ahalya’s story with a twist.
With English subtitles.

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Purity, in India,the stereotypical euphemism for virginity.
Virginity can be applied to both the sexes but now it’s an inexorable synonym for the ‘purity’ of a girl (female).Men are never judged.Their sexual experiences are never questioned. They are never subjected to criticisms.
India, our country, which is so rich in diversity but its filled with hipocrates and male chauvinist pigs .
A country where the virginity of a woman becomes her prized pocession .One of the reasons why most of the rape cases in India are shadowed/shunned and never reported.
A woman who has had a sexual history before marriage is analogous to a harlot.
But why aren’t men disparaged in same such way? Why is our Indian society, our culture so prejudiced?  Is it because women are considered to be innately inferior to men? Or ,because the sexual impulses of men are recalcitrant?

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Sikkim Government College,Tadong.


The best of my recollection and contemplation.
It was a wonderful experience being here(still is).I have spent 26 mnths(more or less) in this campus ,it seemed soporific and dull at first but then I got accustomed  to its monotony.There was a time when I was looking forward to escape the confinements of this college and now when its time to leave(6 mnths isn’t a very long time) ,I cannot help but think how much I’ll miss  those days; farewell, freshers and above all , field trips.The thought of leaving something behind makes me unhappy but all the same, the new opportunities, dissapointmnts awaiting for me (and the uncertainity) mkes me nervous and excited at the same time.I will always cherish those memories my Geos.😬

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This is my first foray into the world of poetry.I do not follow the dictates of stereotypical poems so hence, do excuse my inadequacy.

I see trees around me,
canopy of trees.
Some covered with green leaves,
some with red,and the most enamoring ones… ..
with pink flowers.
The very sight of these beautiful trees entrance me
they fill me with delight
and they do not fail to captivate
both my heart and mind.
But,what I see next ,

fills me with chagrin. ….
humans annihilating these ornamental clasp of nature,
resorting to debauchery for materialistic gains,
at the expense of our ‘prop’ in future.
For nothing but exorbitant glut
these things put me in a depressing thought..

by divesting and disrobing the nature
aren’t we abusing our future?😞

simple story

This is my first post so please do excuse my shallowness and my inadequacy ,in writing something new and different. Well ,what more can you expect of an amateur writer.
  1. This is a simple story ,well not that simple putting our Indian society in consideration for it depicts an illicit relationship. This is a fictional passage but inspired from true events (unfortunately! ).It’s fictional so therefore, following the dictates of fictions I’ve made few exaggerations and added unnecessary details as well.


Sonthia,was a village,not by the looks of it though,it had grown into a small town having all the basic facilities you would expect a respective small town to have which includes cafes,theatres,a mall and a small shopping complex.This town was located amidst the havelis and monuments that dated back to 12th century.In amongst one of these cafes sat a girl:beautiful with perfect features,someone you would want to look at twice.The anxious expression could easily give us an impression that she had been waiting for someone.